Happy DJ with a new Prime 4 - Customised!

Clearly having a Prime 4 to play with is A W E S O M E … but … soon thousands of DJs will own one. Time for some customisation.

Let’s start with a beautiful custom skin from our friends at DJ Skins. With a very big thank you to Simon Iser (Art Director) for his huge help with the design choices.

Next we need THE tool:

And of course something to wrap, a brand new Prime 4

Usually the nasty part of wrapping controllers is taking off all of the knobs. But on the Prime 4 it’s only 1 knob and 7 fader caps. So nice.

The grand - and somewhat scary - moment! On goes the first skin.

That was exceptionally easy. Such a pleasure to work with this material. And the result is immediately ok, no bubbles and a tight fit. Let’s do the other one.

Full of confidence it’s time for the mixer part …

The rest so far was customised, but now we get to the personalised part. My company logo on the front.

And DJ Vintage on the side …

Looking sharp from an angle, right?

The FX panels are done in minutes, the strip at the top of the screen panel is last. Presto!

Clearly I opted for subtlety

And I’ll be so happy playing out with this great bit of kit. Thanks Denon!


Probably my phone or the forum, but the pics take ages to load. Will check on my pc later tonight. :woozy_face:

Edit: forum boost. Nice purple(?) skin. Not taking the risks with pitchfader and platter?

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First custom skin that I’ve seen that doesn’t make me wanna puke. In fact, looks awesome!

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I was thinking the same thing. As soon as I hear custom skin or decksaver I start tasting lemons :lemon: but that skin is subtle enough to be classy rather than making the thing look like it’s a hostage of a graffiti gang

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It’s the light. Brushed metal/titanium look is what it’s supposed to be :slight_smile:

Thanks Slay, means a lot coming from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha okay. Must again be my phone then. :wink: It’s looking nice, but I would not re-skin any of my devices.

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To be honest, I’ve considered white, but at the end of the day knew that just wouldn’t work for me.

Three reasons to do it for me:

  • liked mine to be just a tad different from stock
  • did want my DJ and company name on there
  • heard from a few guys that the vinyl really helps protect against (small) scratches and such

But it’s my first ever wrapping job too.

Same here. I wouldn’t use skins - most look like an explosion in a paint factory.

Same with custom color knobs and caps. I think they make expensive gear look like they’re worth $5

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I have actually ordered some light blue chroma caps to replace the gain knobs. Last gig in dark situation I ended up turning high eq a few times. If it doesn’t look good they are gone in a minute though

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Yes of course, I really understand the why, but it’s just not for me. This is certainly better than a white one for instance. Mojaxx skins all his gear also; non of them I find appealing. His SL…man oh man. :expressionless:

Don’t really know what will happen if you take it of after a few years. All sticky residu or??

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They have promised me invisible removal

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Okay, good the hear.

Anyway, I think I would skin if I get scratches on the original. Other way of thinking. :wink:

Thanks for the play by play @DJ_Vintage, nice skin!!!

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Thanks, Nekoro!

Update: The next step to being fully Prime(4)ed!

Just received my Decksaver today. Super tight fit, you can use it with the original screen cover on it. The expected Decksaver quality, so no complaints there.

All that is missing (and should arrive soon) is my bag.

Can u share the template

Hi and welcome to the Denon forum.

See the first post:

He doesn’t have a template. He bought the skin.

DJ Skins won’t “share the template” either. You have to purchase it.

Indeed I did and well worth the money. A relatively small price to pay to make your generic controller your personal controller imho. Especially when you add up the cost of controller, spare power supply & deck saver, it’s only a minor percentage of the total investment.

My 3 cents as usual and @PKtheDJ : thanks for picking up the (my) slack :smiley: