Hangs on 'looking for computer...'

i’m trying to connect my denon prime 4 to my computer and it just hangs on ‘looking for a computer…’

i tried uninstalling all the drivers associated with denon (there were a TON of duplicates!) then rebooting everything. when that didn’t work i tried updated the firmware to the beta, when that didn’t work i reinstalled 1.3.2.

i’m on windows 10, and i was using a usb3 port.

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This happened to me on day one, I just abandoned it…

Windows 10 too.

Hello @kent, sorry to hear about your issues with your PRIME 4. After reinstalling v1.3.2, what are you trying to accomplish by connecting your console to your computer? Are you trying to:

-Update to the v1.4 Public Beta?

-Add music to your internal SSD via Engine PRIME?

i was trying to add music to my ssd.

i reset my pc last night as well and that didn’t work either! reeeeeeally wish i didn’t choose the nuclear option ughhh!!

which means something is screwed with the prime.

it worked when i first got it. not sure if it stopped working after i updated the firmware or after i installed the ssd. i don’t see anyway to revert to the original firmware, its not available for download. i’ve tried taking out the ssd and that didn’t worked either. this is really disappointing :frowning:

You can find the original firmware here: https://www.denondj.com/downloads

(Choose Prime 4)

the only firmware options available from www.denondj.com/downloads is for version 1.3.2

all the links for legacy versions are for the user guides not the firmware.

Didnt it come with 1.3.2 from the start, which was the first fw for the Prime 4?

This happened to me as well using Windows 10 also yes it is very discouraging. It worked for me initially on the installed SSD I was able to transfer music from my computer to the drive. I found no solution after uninstalling current version and reinstalling old version nothing work. I pretty much gave up so I’m hoping that Denon recognizes this issue and fix it very soon. Along with the record level which is extremely low with no way of adjusting it.

Hi Kent,

The “Looking for computer” message is the one you want. What do you see in Windows Disk Management?

My unit came with 1.3.1 out of the box.

it hangs on ‘looking for computer’ and never finds it. the ssd doesn’t show up in disk management, so i can’t format it. i removed the ssd to see if that is the problem and it still doesn’t work.

“Looking for computer” is the only message you will get for now, because there is no audio driver or audio application to get the Prime4 to the next step. So this is okay.

Have you tried another USB port on the computer side and do you hear the connect/disconnect sound from Windows when reseating the USB cable?

Can you perhaps show a printscreen of device manager and disk manager?

The SSD has to be of type MBR and formatted as ExFAT btw.

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Hi @kent, these are all good questions and troubleshooting tips that everyone here has provided. Have you had any progress since your last post?

reese said that the prime 4 doesn’t get past the ‘looking for a computer’ screen at this time on windows. so there isn’t a solution. and i was never able to format my ssd so i just returned it and i’m using a usb stick now.

The “looking for computer” screen is the part where Windows should see the drive already.

Also got the same issue tonight. While I try to fix incompatibility issues on an exFAT external hard drive (?) I also can’t get the P4 to just act as a controller to my laptop, it’s hanging on Searching for computer…

It will not act as a controller without Serato dj pro.

Ah ok, thanks. So if not using Serato then the only option is to plug in a USB or hard drive with songs on and use it in standalone mode. It will only be a controller for a computer or iPad with Serato on.

Is that right?

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Computer - YES, iPad -NO