Guidelines & Tips for Writing Bug Reports for Controllers


Before creating a new topic, be sure your bug report is unique. To do this, search the forum to see if the bug has already been posted. If it has, like the original post to show our team that you are also having the same issue. This will help make common bugs more visible to the team.

NOTE: Duplicate topics will be removed without notice.

After liking the original post, feel free to add a comment with any additional information that isn’t already part of the conversation.

If your bug report is unique, create a new topic and fill in the topic template questions. This will help us better understand the issue and reproduce in our environment. All new topics in this area require Moderator approval.

NOTE: If your post fails to use the template, the post will be rejected without notice.

We look forward to identifying issues and fixing them to make our products better for everyone!


Topic Title

First, create a descriptive Title for your topic or Bug Report. In most cases, this will be the same or very similar to the bug behavior or ‘Actual result’ from the template below. Please do not use the word ‘bug’ in your topic title instead, use the ‘bug-report’ tag.

Good Topic Title: Hotcues are not Imported when Updating Serato DJ Library

Poor Topic Title: Bug Engine Prime no Hotcues


When reporting bugs, please be sure to use the provided topic template. The template will already be in place when creating a new Bug Report topic.

  • Product:

  • Software Version:

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  • Expected Result:

  • Actual Result:

  • Reproducibility:

  • Additional Notes:

  • Link to Video Repro:


This is the product model that exhibits the unexpected behavior.

Software Version:

This is the software version number ex. 1.3.4.

Steps to Reproduce:

The exact steps required for a bug to be reproduced consistently. This must be direct with no superfluous steps listed as order of operations. This is vital in determining if something can be reproduced.

Example of a good repro:

  1. Open Engine Prime.
  2. Load track from a Crate to Deck 1.
  3. Click Loop options menu button.
  4. Set loop size to 8 beats.
  5. Click the word LOOP to set loop region.
  6. Switch from HOT CUE to LOOP pad mode.
  7. Click unused loop pad 1 to save active loop.

The example above outlines in detail, the required steps that lead to the bug behavior.

Example of a bad repro:

  1. Load a track.
  2. Set a loop.
  3. Save the loop.

The example above fails to outline important details required to easily reproduce the bug behavior without requesting further information.

Expected Result:

What should actually be happening if everything is functioning correctly?

Actual result:

What is the unexpected behavior are you experiencing? This is often the same as the topic title.


How often do you encounter the bug behavior? Every time you perform the repro, 3 out of 10 times. A bug that cannot be reproduced cannot be fixed. Please consider this before posting a topic for a bug you cannot reproduce easily.

Additional Notes:

Are there any caveats for this to occur. Does it only happen after first install/boot? Does it only happen if this 3rd party device is connected? Does this happen for media, streaming services, or both? etc…

Link to Video Repro

Consider including screenshots or video of the bug to help support your report. Please upload videos here:

Please Consider the Following When Writing Bugs

:white_check_mark: DO

Search the Bug Report area to see if another member has posted the same or similar issue. If so, add any valuable information to the original post.

Make sure that the reproduction listed is the simplest way to encounter the issue. If your repro has many steps, try to find the simplest scenario in which the bug occurs before posting the issue.

Provide as much information as possible in the initial bug post. Try to avoid anyone having to ask questions about the bug.

:no_entry_sign: DO NOT

Write additional repros in the comments of a bug topic. This leads to the bug post becoming large and its purpose shifting. This makes it incredibly difficult for developers to resolve the issue and for testers to pass or fail the issue in the future. Assume that what caused one issue causes another, leave it to the developer to determine whether the bugs are actually the same as one another.

Post without using the questionnaire template.

Post duplicate issues.

Post multiple issues in a single topic. Please create a new topic for each individual issue.