Group corrupted or not found files. (support me)

Engine dj takes several years as a music manager but still lacks many things, such as once you have analyzed all the music no longer need to analyze it again, detect and group corrupt files, detect and group the files not found (files that are in red or gray depending on the version).

It becomes very tedious if you have like me that for lack of time can not select all the music and have a database of more than 100k songs and I know that it is recommended to have less than 50k and for that I am using dupeguru or automator, hence comes that delete 10k songs and then have to delete 1 to 1 all files not found and I know that many happens the same …

I request please to the responsible of the Software engine dj that please attend to this request and that to all that happens to him the same thing that to my, use this topic and support the motion.


Engine dj lleva varios años cono gestor de música pero aun le falta muchas cosas, como que una vez hayas analizado toda la música ya no haga mas falta analizarla de nuevo, detectar y agrupar los archivos corruptos, detectar y agrupar los archivos no encontrados (archivos que están en rojo o en gris según la versión).

Se hace muy tedioso si tienes como yo que por falta de tiempo no puede seleccionar toda la musica y tener una base de datos mas de 100k canciones y yo se que se recomienda tener menos de 50k y para ello estoy usando dupeguru o automator, de ahi viene que elimine 10k canciones y luego tenga que eliminar 1 a 1 todos los archivos no encontrado y tengo constancia de que a muchos le pasa igual…

Solicito por favor al responsable del Software engine dj que por favor atienda a esta petición y que a todo aquel que le pase lo mismo que a mi, use este topic y apoye la moción.

My database

knob needed (serato dj)

Serato dj

With a small amount of searching of the existing topics on the forum, you’ll see that enhancements to Engine DJ is continuous and ongoing.

Keep in mind that you can already lock tracks which you don’t want re-analysed so one of your requests has already been catered for.

When I said that once all the music was analyzed, I meant that there was no need for re-analyze. I thought it was implicit in the paragraph and I will have to measure and be more exact with the words from now on.

I never meant to say that engine dj is a bad software and I was just highlighting what I think is still missing.

by the way, believe me that I make use of the searches of other topics although it is true that I don’t read all of them but only the most outstanding ones.:smirk:


cuando dije que una vez analizado toda la música, quería decir que no hacia falta el re-análisis. creí que estaba implícito en el párrafo y tendré que medir y ser mas exacto con las palabras de ahora en adelante.

Nunca quise decir que engine dj sea un mal software y solo destacaba en lo que a mi parecer aun le hace falta.

por cierto, créeme que hago uso de las búsquedas de otros topics aunque es verdad que no los leo todos si no los mas destacados.:smirk:

That’s good to hear/read and it’s understandable that you haven’t read all of the topics about Engine feature requests.

Engine isn’t trying to be Virtual DJ (thankfully… stir stir… just kidding) , Traktor or serato , or rekordbox live/performance mode ( not fully , not yet) … it’s only wanting to be pre-gig preparation software. It’s also the youngest of all the DJ softwares mentioned. After all, rekordbox was released in 2009, and that had been masquerading as a paid for program called MixVibes Cross for at least 5 years prior to it getting a kick of pioneer paint… so rekordbox is effectively 20 years old.

Engine DJ software was launched in 2017, so is only 6 years old. 14 years younger than rekordbox.

Surely no-one is advocating that Engine DJ should just blatantly pirate or steal every feature and function of all of the above softwares - much better for Engine DJ to evolve truly and steadily rather than poaching features - with all the stability which that in-house evolution brings.

Engine DJ has had many many massive upgrades and enhancements over the last few years, including the latest upgrade, just 3 or 4 weeks ago. It’s certainly better than it was, and is heading in the right direction - it just won’t be instantly, as some may be hoping for.

in my favor, if you don’t want to copy to serato, traktor and virtual dj among others, when you are analyzing the playlist when you open engine dj for the first time, automatically analyze if there are files not found and ask directly if you want to locate them or delete them definitively and so nobody copies.


Mas a mi favor, si no quieres copiar a serato, traktor y virtual dj entre otros, cuando estes analizando la lista de reproduccion al abrir engine dj por primera vez, automaticamente analiza si hay archivos no encontrados y pregunta directamente si quieres localizarlos o borrarlos definitivamente y asi nadie copia.

It occurs to me that to make them original they could put a duplicate detector function and as far as I know the only one that has it is Apple Music.

More original than that among the software for dj, there would not be…


Se me ocurre que para que sean originales podrían poner una función de detector de duplicados y hasta donde se el único que lo tienes es Music de Apple.

Mas original que eso entre los software para dj, no habría…

To be able to stack smart crates, it is very annoying to be scrolling to look for the crates when you have created many smart crates


Poder apilar cajas inteligentes, es muy molesto estar desplazándose para buscar las cajas cuando has creado muchas cajas inteligentes.