Grid drifts as tracks play

I’m using the mixstream pro, and since the 3.0 update I’ve experienced some bugs. Most of them have been resolved with the newer updates, but no matter what the grid drifts a little after a phrase. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to make the high hats be off beat. I’m not using sync either. I’ll fix it, but it drifts again. I’ll also notice the tempo slightly changes by .something. The tempo sliders are pretty small so maybe there just a little sensitive. There’s no adjustment for the jog wheels, and I tried resetting it. I thought maybe because I’m playing with a 12" sub, the vibrations are moving the jog wheels. I’m starting to get frustrated with the decks and might sell it and get a Pioneer.

Occasionally the tables freeze as I’m loading a track as well.

Test grids by using the same track on both decks.