Greetings Guys from Skeg-Vegas

Hopefully coming out of retirement after nearly 17 years out of the game, worked most the venues in Skegness area, like The Pier Disco Bar, TC’s, The Mardi Gras, The Manhattan Bar, Strikes, Fat Louis, Rhinos, The Sports Bar, Leos, Raffles and Wolfies Wine Bar back in the day. Unfortunately now most of them don’t exist (shame) but times move on… However I feel there’s a market out there for me to perform somewhere, playing some rather tasty Club Classics and hopefully giving a few shivers down the spine… keeping the old music alive and throwing in a few modern bits in for good measure. LOVE THE VINYL but looking forward to getting the brand new Denon Prime setup consisting of 2 x SC5000 and X1800 mixer. Anyway keep it spinning Guys and chat laters Cheers Woody

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