Greetings from Toronto, Canada

Glad to ses an official board is up and running. Let’s hope this forum is 100 times better than the previous “unofficial” forum.

Looking forward to a motorized “Prime” media player!

  • Blackie Lox
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I’m a mobile/club DJ. Current owner of:

  • X1700 Mixer
  • SC3900 Media Players
  • HC-1000S Controller
  • HP1100 Headphones
  • HP1000 Headphones

Previously owned:

  • MC6000 Mixer/Controller
  • S3700 Media Players
  • HS5500 Media Player
  • S5000 CD Players
  • X500 Mixer
  • HC4500 Controller

Awesome :slight_smile:

Nice gear! What style of music do you spin? I’m from Toronto too! :smiley:

Thanks! I just picked up an MC7000 to replace my MC6000.

I play mainly play House, Soca, Hip Hop, and Reggae. But I also play pretty much anything else a client would need (Top 40/Pop, Rock/Alternative… the only thing I don’t play is heavy metal).

What about you? What/where do you spin?

Wow, what a variety. That sounds awesome! I play for parties/special events and teach DJ/producer lessons as well. :slight_smile:

Would love to hear your stuff!

You can listen to my mixes here

And here is my website

I’d like to hear your stuff as well!

I’m currently listening to your Mixcloud mixes and they are incredible! Your sets have really nice flow. It’s very inspiring! Wow, I have a lot to learn haha. How long have you been mixing for? You are awesome! & I also love the set up you have on your site. Everything looks clean and professional. I used to work for a DJ wedding company in the north GTA too but yours is on another level.

Here’s some short mixes I record focussing on EDM, top 40 and trap.

Thanks! I’ve been spinning for 15 years now. I listened to your workout mix the other day and enjoyed it. Good song selection!

Which wedding company did you work for?

Wow, that’s awesome! And thank you so much! I used to work for a small wedding company called, DJizm.

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