Greetings from the Great White North!

Hi all - long time DJ from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Started early in high school (not including the one disastrous show I played in grade 6 – we shall never speak of that one again) and have kept on rolling ever since. Mostly bars and clubs, occasionally private parties if they really, really bribe me with goodies.

OG Denon crew starting on the DN-2000F (mk 1), then moving to the mk 2, then the mk3, then upgrading to the newest thing, the 2600 (still have this one in storage somewhere), then finally a pair of S3000’s (still have these laying around in case the need to play a CD ever comes up again) before making the switch to digital and getting a MC6000 (mk1). Two years with that and decided I wanted to go a little more modular, so switched to an X1600 and a pair of SC2000’s along with a bunch of other odds & ends to put together a totally customized rig.

Next up - SC5000’s!

Thanks for the support, Todd! :slight_smile:

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