Greetings From Tha LDN UK

Hi I’m Tee_C from the London UK. Pleasure to be here. I am part of a collective of DJs and promoters hosting parties in London since the 90’s (for those of you old enough to remember, I got my start in Bagleys, Kings Cross). Fast forward to now I’m working hard at being a DJ / Producer and educating my team / peeps on the wonders of Denon Digital DJing and I’m loving it as I’m constantly learning new tricks, features etc with “Oh Wow It does that” moments.

An MC7000 is on my wishlist and i’m nearly there with the investment but as Gangstarr once said “Its a Daily Operation”

Peace n Luv

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Welcome to the forums ! Take a look around, have a search, read some topics - and try out some of the posting features etc. Enjoy!

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