Greetings from Germany!

Hi, DJs from all over the world!

My name is DJ E-REX, I’m from Augsburg, Bavaria. I’m DJing on my friends’ parties and on some student parties recently. I apreciate there that I can play mostly the music I like, because I play a lot of not very known music and a lot of remixes. I haven’t got any Denon equipment yet, but I hope that I can buy some of the Prime Series stuff in the next few years, as I work a lot with cue points, looping and sample pads. That’s actually the main reason for me to be here, to inform myself about the opportunities of the Prime players and mixer :wink:

If you have any further question or want to listen to some of my remixes or mixes, just leave a comment and I’ll post my profiles here :slight_smile:

See you soon!