Greetings From Brent

I’m Brent, but haven’t picked a DJing name. I bought Technics 1210s, an Ecler mixer, Event monitors and started my large vinyl collection in late 2008. I started getting better, but life problems and finances got in my way. Last year, I wrongfully lost my job (lawsuit forthcoming) and I’m not getting another one or paying taxes under this administration. I went to restart DJing and one of my cats had eaten the cables. Panasonic phone automation gave me a TX address. UPS dropped them. Panasonic basically said, “We no longer service Technics and don’t know where you got that information.” Someone else has those and I won’t touch their products again. I am catching up on 2.5 years and have 44 reserved at Redeye. I can’t put my work in until the VL12 Prime starts shipping. I play mostly bass with some dnb, ukg, house, grime, techno, trip-hop. My dreams will come true if I get good and DJ in public. A friend of a friend wants to get a local thing going, but I want to get far away. We will see.

Quite a story there Brent - but we’re glad the DJ passion helps hold the sometimes chaotic world of ours, together. Peace man, and welcome!