Greatings from an old Denon-user

Hello from an veteran DJ in the north, Stockholm Sweden is my base. Been around for a very long time. Developed my skills with turntables and then moved on. Using computers since 2004. As I switched from vinyl to CD i were using the idea from an DJ based in Southern Sweden a rebuilt Technics with pitch and pitchbend. I think that was an idea pick uped by Denon and then realised in the 2000-concept. Today I’m using SC2900, x1700, x600 and VDJ as a program. I own Traktor and Serato but with the Serato I have no certified soundcard. I’m using the DDJ-SP1 to have access to the extended features of my DJ-program. I do various gigs but my love is in House-music and Old-school disco plus R’n’B, reggae and Dancehall. Yes, my experience is over 40 years in the business but I still have the feeling. Music is a way of living. Cheers from me!


Update of my equipment as of today, still have the above but now updated with 2xSC5000M, LC6000, X1800, Akai MPC Live II, Prime 4 and Prime GO.


Mate, 6 years later bump. :joy: