Great content on Scam Storage devices

TLDW: Amazon (and other retailers that allow 3rd party sellers) are being flooded with trash products that falsely advertise their capabilities. This can impact you, your performances and if you are not tech savvy enough, you can find yourself blaming software (engine DJ/os) for failures.

The following video talks about the scam, and sometimes gets corny. Relays important information in a relatively low-tech way.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

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There’s no way someone is getting a 1tb SD card for. £6.99 :rofl:

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You can guarantee loads of tight arses will buy them though (see a deal and cant help it) then rush to whatever DJ/Photography/Phone/Computer forum to blame the hardware for not performing.

I purchased my Sata hard drive from Curry’s and my SD cards from Argos paid the extra but they are real and had no issues the latest SD i got was the 512 gb samsung absolute beast

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Been saying this for ages to people, don’t spend 2 grand on a DJ setup then cheap out on media storage for music. Same with cameras, folk buy these expensive full frame cameras then whack some eBay special SD card in.

I use a WD Blue SSD in my Prime 2 and Sandisk 3.0 USB sticks for Rekordbox. I buy from Amazon but only ever direct.


I don’t know any djs personally who have fallen for this scam however as djs or at least people using external storage devices we need to be careful we certainly wouldn’t seek to buy a knock off looking Denon or Pioneer device so same should apply to our external storage


Hi all, I purchased my SSD on Amazon. 1TB Crucial. Installed on PRIME 4 +. No issues. Not the first time buying this manufacturer and no problems on PC nor controller. Cheaper than WD. May be usefull for samebody. Regards