Grabación en sc6000

Hola a todos. Alguien sabe si en alguna actualización los señores de Denon tienen pensado añadir la opción de grabar en el menú del reproductor sc6000 igual que lo tienen la prime 2 y prime 4? Es una pena que se tenga que enchufar un cable al ordenador para poder grabar tus sesiones pudiendo tener esa opcion como las prime2 y 4.

The Prime Go, 2 and 4 are all-in-one systems. They have a mixer - so the recording signal is taken from the output of the mixer.

The SC6000 is just a player. How would you record a mix?

Pues sí, tambien es verdad y no me había dado cuenta de eso.

If it’s with a X18XX over the Ethernet connection. It would be very simple.

We’ve been over this topic X times over the past 5 years that I’m just gonna paste my old answers.

Not that I need this feature or would use it but in no way there should be any difficulties related to hardware. Also no need to have it in realtime.

Consider what a MPC or a Force is capable to do. Consider what a Prime 4 is capable with the same internal hardware (4 Decks + Mixing + FX). A SC6000 is making nothing to bring it near the limits.

I give up. You lot are the smartest people and nothing can defeat your optimism.

No, we are software engineers and we know on what we talk :slight_smile: