Gotta be real, it's been two years

Please forgive me if my searching didn’t locate the resolution… But how is it that almost two years after the (engine prime fails to open) issue , we still don’t have a real fix that doesn’t involve creating a new profile on windows or some huge workaround like reinstalling windows… I predominantly play on pioneer and use rekordbox, and while the rekordbox to prime feature works well enough plugging into the prime 4, it ■■■■■ not just being able to do anything with prime.

For those of you who use lighting software (soundswitch) like I do, but multiple controllers/platforms, I gotta say, lexicon is the best bet. Converts everything relatively seamlessly.

The point of this post? Hoping that Denon/In music can get this issue resolved without reformatting /reinstalling windows or having to jump between windows accounts, otherwise, I gotta admit just doing your workflow in rekordbox and exporting that way is great.

But why is there an issue with opening Engine dj? Most of the issues is the error in the database. If You remove the database file or rename it. Engine dj will open and create a new database. You can work then without re-installing.

That was one of the first resolutions I attempted. No luck. Even completely removed everything engine DJ from the PC, reinstalled and it wouldn’t open. But, when I added a profile, logged on under that profile, I could open it. Same thing is still persistent. Only fix I’ve seen (on the forum) is reinstalling windows to be able to access it on my main acct. And Ive got so much else set up on this PC that I don’t want to go that route. I guess I’ll have to stick to using rekordbox workflow.

Did You removed the database file from C drive as well? For each user there is always a separate database file created on each drive. That would explain why You can access engine dj from another user account.

Just go into permissions and change it in there. Under control panel. Set it for anyone thst uses this computer. Also make sure your direct x and graphics drivers are up to date.