Gossip, when will the soundswitch micro USB return

To be honest, the primery reason I keep checking this forum (and the Facebook Soundswitch group) is to find out when the micro USB will be available again. Wil it be around for the wedding season? A lot of webshop mention a expected delivery in March or April, while other push it back to August.

Dm’d you @Ben-E … Grab it quick

DM me also please! :wink: looking for a dongle also…

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Lol k​:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::thinking::thinking::thinking::joy::joy::rofl:

@Ben-E Now back in stock on https://www.soundswitch.com

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No shipping to the Netherlands yet… I’ll keep refreshing :slight_smile:

Update: the soundswitch site doesnt ship to the Netherlands. But Thomann has it in stock. (minus 1)

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