Google Drive Support

Being able to backup the collection to Google Drive directly from the player or Engine Prime software would be wonderful.


Would be great!
I already have an active subscription on Google Drive and making another paid one on Dropbox annoys me a bit…

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Same. Plus, Google Drive is more affordable. :-p

Ideally, the cloud storage should be configurable by the user.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll all switch to Dropbox. Many of us are already using a service, and we’re all on different ones. Moving everything would be impractical.

If for instance the service could be set up via Engine Prime, then the details (config file or whatever) sent to the hardware, that would be excellent.

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Best idea would be, that our exported files to usb stick or SD card would contain also a config. That config could be assigned to only that usb, so no option to copy it and use by anyone else.

Having access to setttings/setup in Engine Prime would also overcome the current issue with the streaming services.

With setup on the hardware only, it’s difficult (impossible even) to sort out problems such as not being able to log in.

If that stuff (login details for streaming services) was accessible/configurable in EP too then it’d be much easier to resolve.

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