Glitchy sound from mixer

This is the second time I’ve had this happen. One was mid-gig. The audio started dropping out and sounding glitchy. I had a pioneer behind me so I quickly grabbed it and swapped over. I did firmware updates and thought that might have solved the problem. Until it started again this week. I’ve had a few ideas from the Facebook group but nothing more than just ‘it needs soldering in this spot’ type ideas that didn’t make much sense. JB HiFi won’t take it back because they no longer stock denon dj equipment and if I send it in to get fixed I’m potentially missing out on 6 weeks worth of gigs. Anyone have any ideas? Here’s another clip to show the buzzing sound when everything is unplugged.

Is it the same on all channels and with a different input device? I cant remember if there is a factory reset in the options, worth a try?

I have also heard of people saying this kit needs a decent earth mains connection or it can behave oddly, have you tried it at a different physical location?

If not it probably needs repair you may have to bite the bullet and beg, steal or borrow a unit while it is being fixed :frowning:

Thanks for the reply. It happens even when nothing is plugged in. Loud buzzing from near the mains. The other trouble with getting it fixed is that I’m now very nervous about ever using it at a gig again. I haven’t been asked back to the venue it ‘crashed’ at. I didn’t really think paying that much for a mixer would have me feeling like I need to carry a backup.

Unless you’re only doing free or doesn’t matter work, always always have a backup

There have been several reported cases like this, those who have sent in back to Denon for repair reported they have been told it’s a “bad PCB”. Few reported they solved problem by connecting two screws that hold PCB, supposedly it’s a bad grounding issue.

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