Glitch when using auto loop knob on sc5000m

When using the auto loop knob on a song that is playing it will (seemingly randomly) lock me out of either increasing or decreasing loop size with knob.

Ie. it will allow me to establish a 4 beat loop on a playing track by clicking in the knob, then when trying to double the loop by turning the knob to the right it will not work. Turning the knob again will make no difference, however turning it to the left will halve the loop.

It takes turning the loop on and off a (seemingly) random number of times by clicking the auto loop knob in to stop this glitch and have the function work normally.

If I’m just not catching a fundamental of how this knob works please let me know! otherwise I hope we can find a solution.



Is this near the end of a track?

players wont let a 4 beat loop be an 8 beat loop if there’s less than 8 beats of the track left.

Alternatively, the player might not watch the knob during some other modes, like maybe beat grid sliding

In your EP USB preferences/settings do you have ‘smart loops’ on? If so, turn smart looping off and see if that helps.

Hi @jkoiyyc, sorry to hear about your SC5000M. Does this happen every time you power on your unit?

@Jetsound So far it has only happened near the beginning of tracks where I do most of my looping.

Mattpositive Smart loops is off.

Nekoro, No it’s very inconsistent, I could go a couple weeks without seeing the problem or encounter it multiple sessions in a row.

for now i’m waiting for it to happen again and I’ll post a video for you guys.

Thanks so much for your input all!