GigBar Move + ILS strobes

I recently got a “GigBar Move + ILS” and soon needed more control than the IR remote and foot switch offer.

So I got SoundSwitch, and it is super nice to work with. I have 2 issues though:

  1. It is not possible to strobe the 4 white LEDs in the main bar. The prebuilt auto loops don’t use them and the auto scripting engine and effects section also do not use these strobes. I can’t really manually script them. The only way to access them is using attribute cues, where you can control the dimming of each individual strobe LED. But you can’t control strobing. I would expect to be able to create interesting chase/strobe effects with these 4 LEDs. Could they be made a fixture like the movers/derbys/pars? Then they could be used by the strobe effect section.

  2. The prebuilt GigBar project delivered with SS v2.6.1.3 does not work well with the “GigBar Move + ILS”. I’m guessing the DMX address map is different between the two products. Will there be a version for this new bar?

I just recently got one of these as well. The strobe works for me in SS and it is auto adding them to the strobe track. I also just checked and was able to manually script them in the strobe track. There are multiple Gig bar move items in the DMX fixtures list. I would make sure you have the correct one added They are named Gigbar Move ILS (EU) or Gigbar Move ILS (US). Make sure to have it start at channel 1 in the universe.

The biggest thing I have an issue with is that with the ILS unit, Soundswitch does not allow you to select which pattern the laser does (On the US model at least) so it always just displays the two triangle pattern when there are so many more in the unit.

Thanks for chipping in @Reality33.

I am puzzled why the strobes in the mainbar work for you.

What version of SS are you running? I am running

I have the EU version with the cylindrical laser. I added the “GigBar Move ILS (EU) (Chn=52)” from the library, and it results in 6 fixtures in the venue:

  • mover left
  • derby left
  • par left
  • par right
  • derby right
  • mover right

There is no fixture for the mainbar/strobes. So it is not possible to use the strobe effects (“periodic strobe 4”, “strobe chase”, “strobe generator”, etc.) from the effects side bar.

You write that you are able to manually script them in the strobe track. How do you do that? Since there is no separate fixture track for the mainbar/strobes I’m guessing you mean the main track in the bottom?

In the auto script settings I can’t see any way to access the strobes either. How do you get the auto script use the mainbar/strobe LEDs?

The only place I have been able to control the strobing of the mainbar/strobe LEDs is in the static looks editor. There you can actually control the strobing, but I don’t find strobing very useful for static looks…

Otherwise the only way I have found to get those strobe LEDs to light up is via the attribute cue editor. But you can only control dimming there.

Can you adjust the attribute cues for the laser? I think the laser is adjusted there if I remember correctly.

Im sure someone can jump in. I don’t have one but thought that’s where the extra tweaks are done.

Hello, is Chauvet’s ILS system used for anything with soundswitch? because there is a price difference between the ILS and non-ILS system, I know that the lyres are more powerful but given the price difference I can buy additional lyres, but if we add ILS lights from Chauvet and we pass with SS is it useful? THANKS

No — when in ILS mode, there is no DMX and no use for SS.

In ILS mode the GigBar is the light show master that drives all your ILS lights. So, if you are happy with the builtin pre-programmed shows and the remote control/footswitch, you don’t need SS.

The ILS is very convenient, but I wanted more control so I got SS and Control One. But as I wrote in my first post the Gigbar Move ILS is not very well supported. At least not the EU version. I had hoped that someone from SoundSwitch would chime in here, but I guess they don’t read these forums…?