Geyser P7 and SoundSwitch + Control One

I’m having issues setting up my Geyser P7’s. When I boot up the Geyser I set my address to 27 which is what I have it on via SoundSwitch. When I edit an attribute, I can turn Fog on, However colors don’t stay on. They turn on for a few minutes and then shut off. I also can’t change which zones are lit up and their separate colors. What am I doing wrong? I’ve got the unit set to Smoke/Atmospheric. I want to Trigger smoke with the Smoke Button on Control one where the lights turn to either Orange/Yellow, Red/Orange, Pink/Teal, Etc. and as soon as the smokes done, they link back to the color of my moving heads and Mega hex’s. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi Richard, i am not sure if SS can do that. You should write SS directly via They are fairly quick in responding.

Or use the more active SS Facebook Usergroup. Overall SS is more active at FB SoundSwitch User Group | Facebook

Would be nice if you could publish their answer here in the forum to.