Gettings from Brazil

Started all the way back, in 1978… Owned a pair of Technics turntables and an analog mixer I built myself, from DYI electronic kits available back then. Played at all types of events with those, from the local community party to some real nice venues in Rio de Janeiro. Then Uni happened, work followed, marriage, kids, you know the drill. When I was about 40 I noticed technology had evolved so much I could not believe my eyes and ears. Got a pair of Denon 5000 CD players, a new analog mixer and Final Scratch (essentially Traktor). Had not played for more than a decade, but still had it in me and got used to the new format with the blink of an eye, Every now and then I would upgrade my equipment and my software. Played with everything under the sun (Final Scratch, Traktor, Torq DJ, Serato, Rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Deckadance), always searching for the next killer program. Started with Controllers with the late M-Audio Xponent, then upgraded to a Pioneer DDJ-SX2. I still keep both on my Den’s shelf… When I learnt about the Prime 4, I was intrigued and could not resist.

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Sounds intriguing so what happened did you get the Prime 4?

I did. It’s the best controller all around hardware wise.

So I had a question for you with all your experience. I am a new dj I have an events company looking to collaborate with other djs who I will employ. Do you think I should exclusively concentrate on mastering engine prime or be proficient in serato and engine prime. I already have the Prime 4 and Prime 2…? I don’t really have the need for music videos…

IMO be proficient in as many things as you can.

The other DJs you employ may use Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Pioneer hardware, Numark hardware - who knows?

The more you’re familar with (not necessarily to expert level) the better you will be able to work with whatever comes your way.

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Thanks for your advice but I will just put another prime 2 or 4 on the side and stick to the engine. But I get ur point it’s good to have knowledge on various platforms… Thanks for the advice

At least familiarise yourself with Serato and VirtualDJ, as these are the two DJ programs which work (or will work) with the Prime 2 and 4. Then you (or they) can either use the units standalone or with DJ software.

If they don’t know the Primes then they will favour the software.

What I was thinking I have a dj who doesn’t have a controller but he is expert on serato he will be on prime 4 running serato and I will be on the prime 2 running standalone. Other djs will have their own controllers and we will run these into a separate mixer. But what I was concerned with if i get good on prime which i think is amazing. Is there a need to also work on other platforms. I get the bit about collaboration but prime has everything I need (apart from a sampler) do u think I will be losing out if I focus exclusively on prime. You seen I’m a new dj and I find prime really simple I started with serato but my learning just accelerated on the prime. You see I don’t want to complicate things but in the longer run I want to be a brilliant dj. I find looking at the prime screen is so easy it’s alot simpler than serato the waveforms have less detail but really easy to understand. You see I’m not looking for shortcuts so if it was you and you were in my position and anything was possible and you were in the beginning of your dj journey what would you do?

If you are comfortable using the Prime standalone then carry on :+1:

I just think that if you’re running an events company and will have other DJs, you will need to be familiar with their systems, so you can help them if anything goes wrong.

Indeed you have hit the nail on the head. So I guess I will specialise in the prime bit have good working knowledge of the other software. Thank you much appreciated.

I tried using Prime 4 with Serato earlier. It was a bad experience.

You can see how it goes, but so far I wouldn’t recommend using Serato

I wasn’t to happy using serato with the prime either. It’s better using a dedicated controller I have a MC7000 feels really natural. But I guess the Prime 4 was not designed for use with serato a standalone first which is does a fantastic job. The serato was an add on and afterthought. If you wanted to use it with serato go for a dedicated controller which is also alot cheaper. Why on earth would you spend £1500+ for a Prime 4 and than use it with serato when there are better cheaper options.

Since you are responsible for an events company, I don’t think concentrating on a single solution is recommended. You will meet all types of DJ’s, which will feel more or less comfortable with product x / hardware vendor x, then the next one would say product y / hardware y is the bomb. It will never end… Therefore, I would keep an eye towards every current solution (VirtualDJ, Traktor, Serato, Engine Prime, you name it…) Please remember that what is cutting edge today will eventually become legacy. Again, it will never end.

When I tried using my Prime 4 in controller mode, with either VirtualDJ, or Serato, I found out that the sound coming out of my system was somewhat “lacking” (it’s hard to define exactly what that means, so bare with me) when compared to using the Prime 4 as standalone. YMMV.

Thanks for the advice. That’s the vibe I’m getting. Better to know a little a out everything and be prepared for every situation., :+1: