Getting a Rekordbox library working is a bit weird

When you import a Rekordbox library on a Denon DJ player, like the Prime Go which i have, it will read the playlists and cue points, but it won’t read the waveform, which i understand. To speed up loading times, i always analyze my converted library in the Engine DJ software, which does this automatically when i plug in the drive with the collection.

However, only when the drive has an Engine library, which only gets updated with my new Rekordbox exports if i plug it into the Denon first and import the changes.

So what ends up happening is that i export to my thumb drive from Rekordbox, i plug it into the Denon, i import the library, then i plug it back into my laptop to analyse the tracks, and then i’m ready to go. Why can’t the Denon DJ software just import the Rekordbox collection on it’s own, without the Denon player? That would be much more efficient than going back and forth.

Maybe i’m missing something here, and i’m curious on how you guys go about this. I can’t move my library to the Denon DJ software because i need to be able to play on CDJs.

You can import Rekordbox data straight to Engine DJ on your laptop, you just need to tick the Rekordbox switch in settings → library

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It’s not as good as being able to read the DB directly like VirtualDJ does (though VDJ doesn’t read cue points it seems), but that’s already better than going back and forth! Thank you :slight_smile:

Just export the Rekordbox collection as an XML (in the Rekordbox options), then import that collection to Engine DJ desktop, all your cues, loops and grids will import (and can be analyzed). Then you can pack what you want from that library to a drive to plug into the Prime Go.

I know, that’s what magicalgin already said. It’s unfortunate that it can’t read the RB library directly like VirtualDJ or the actual Denon hardware (from the USBs).