General thoughts on X1700


I’m considering getting an S/H X1700 and just wondered what people’s thoughts are? I’ve got an Ecler Nuo 4.0 which I like, but fancy having the effects. How is sound quality with the X1700. My Ecler is well regarded for its sound quality so I just wanted to check that the x1700 isn’t a step down. I value sound quality over the effects, but if it’s good on the X1700 then I’m very tempted.


While I haven’t ever played or heard and ecler, I can attest to the x1700 sounding and feeling great. Unfortunately, Denon doesn’t back this mixer anymore, so I lost the ability to use its sound card but the overall sound quality is fantastic.

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Thanks. I appreciate that I won’t be able to use the sound card, but I don’t have that option at the moment so not losing anything there. The other benefit to the X1700 is 4 channels PLUS a mic channel. At the moment, ch4 on my Ecler is the mic. I’m getting a pair of SC5000 so being able to use both layers would be cool. The knobs on the Ecler though… they are amazing!

That’s my exact setup. 2 sc5000’s and the X1700. Love it. Just had a long session on them last night. :slight_smile:

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The top digital mixers are MP2015, DB4, DJM900NXS2/tour, and X1700, but I recommend you get an X1800 to have the integration with the prime players if you want a digital mixer. The prime players’ signature and distortion levels are going to mean that you’ll hear more of the players signature than you are any top digital mixers’ own flavor. To me the X1800 is a little dryer, has less low-level resolution, a bit of subtle grain or something to it, and in 96khz mode I think there might be some extra harmonics going on in the very high frequencies, but it measures well with RMAA so who the heck really knows. If you want the most forgiving sound, you’re better off sticking with the Ecler and adding an effects unit. Analog is nicely less revealing of the prime players’ current audio processing faults.

It’s also cheaper and I do love my Ecler. Learning to work around the phasing thing with Pio’s RMX units will be ok now that I know it’s there and know what exactly is going on

You already have an RMX?

I did (a 500) - I sold it because of the phasing thing, but I’m beginning to regret that

Oh, so it had its own added latency. Wonder how much latency the later units have.

On a related note, the X1700 actually has the most overall throughput processing latency of any digital mixer I’ve ever used, but it’s a total latency that includes the headphone jack, so not a problem. And it’s still slight, just appears to be more than the other digital mixers. Probably has something to do with relatively more sophisticated maths being used on it.

Yep. Unless you ran it fully wet (as in with the channel fader down just using the aux send), there was a significant delay. For me it became so annoying that I sold it. I appreciate that lots of people use them without issue so it’s probably me rather than the unit, but I just couldn’t get on with it.