General Malaise Clickbait, fear the gear

Hello, I’m really happy with my Denon gear. It works really well. Total bargain in my book. I’d buy it again in an instant.

Engine works fine and I’ve found it pretty easy to transfer stuff over to Rekordbox if I’m using some Pio gear for the night. Wish the club had some SCs though.

So no complaints about anything really. Things are great. Loving some noo choons tonight.

Just wanted to share,… spread some love.

How are you doing?


Lol nice to hear your loving it with no problems.

Proof that there are units out there that work exactly as they sre meant to, and im not the odd one out lol


Working perfectly on my side/workflow.

A joy to play with 3 SC5000’s :loud_sound::pray::alien:

Miserable, but thanks for asking. Enjoy your music and health while you can. Everything wonderful is endowed and can stripped from you at any time.

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I’m happy with my sc5000m. I knew what I was getting into when I bought it and it improved more than I expected. Know what to buy and know what not to buy.

You or the gear? Or both?

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Me; the gear is happy and content, though not able to get much love. It’s like having long COVID conditioned me out of being able to enjoy music the same way

I recently used my DJ equipment knowledge for a competitive analysis exercise I did for an industrial & human factors engineering graduate-level class. So while I’m not DJing as much now and took a complete break from it for an entire year, I am trying to keep at using my knowledge to stay interested in some ways with the subject. Maybe that’s a bad idea, though, as it’s just keeping me reminded of not DJing regularly.


So far all denon dj gear that I owned was running perfect. Now SC6000 also working great :slight_smile: Happy denon owner here as well :slight_smile:


@Reticuli. Long covid… mate i feel your pain. Stick with it it does get better. Take it easy and gradually build back into it. I know how horrible it makes you feel


So far so good with my Prime 2, slight crossfader issue after an update but I don’t use it anyway so didn’t impact.

Just had an hour on my proper decks, so easy to get on and mix, yet so difficult to actually get off your backside and put that first track on.

@STU-C :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:. So very true. Then by the time you do get off your backside after laughing at the Russian ice skaters falling over its too late and the misdus grizzles your disturbing her “soap time”

(Silly cow needs to get out more…)

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I’m smothering my feelings with gear, so I’m doing great:


What is that “thing” on the left… It looks like a spare prick at a wedding… i personally would give it a bit more clearance to the far superior denons… like the next room

They’re there to make me appreciate the SC6000s even more.


@inertiamonster …Ahhhhhhhh i get it

Sweet! Do you use beat link trigger to sync them all up?

No we call him clever dick

Not yet but I plan to, just got the 3000s last weekend and other than connecting them and playing on them for a couple of hours I haven’t had much time with them. I’m also going to experiment with prepping USBs to see what gets the best results on both platforms. I’ve never owned CDJs so it’s literally just a personal experience/experimenting thing, no plans to ditch Denon.


Made the switch from a MCX8000 to a SC5000/X1800 setup, and now on a SC6000/X1850 setup.

Had my share of issues with the MCX8000 as some might recall, but is absolutely blown over by the SC’s :slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes:

Love them!!!


If you haven’t already: Maybe try Lexicon for syncing libraries.

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Have it on my PC but haven’t used it yet, will need to try it soon. With the CDJs being new my Rekordbox prepped USB, other than the analysis, is a blank slate so it’d be nice to get my Engine cue points on there.