Gear overheating in the club - solved 🔹

I’m a guy who can’t snooze without a cool soothing fan on - reminds me of the Ibiza sea-breeze, around about 11am, when I’m trying to get to sleep. I built a cool new setup to keep me from breaking into a sweat on club nights. Do you think it has legs? The valve pre-amp sounds better.

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AI generated image.

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What do you mean? All my fingers are there. That was last week out at the Chupacabra with Jim Foetus.

I’m not sure it’s as cold as you think in there, some of those cans on the top shelf have melted

Must be due to the tunes played being hot fire.


I think that the alarmist headline of the topic should be edited.

It’s a bit of a tense google-bite for the sake of a comedic attention grabber.

Feel the chill

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Sure - and as it’s your post, you may still be able to edit it