Galaxy Note 4 - what are they like?

I’ve been looking for a pocket device where I could keep a current music library list (not the music files, just a list of music in my collection). This would be so that I could tell customers at pre-gig meetings whether I have the tunes they want for their gig, beforehand.

I’ve been offered a Galaxy Note 4 for £60 and am told that theres a database app I can use and just store a CSV/Excel database list of songs on the SD card in the Note 4.

Anyone own, or owned a Galaxy Note 4 ? Are they one of Samsungs exploding models, or “OK”. ? I know they’re old but for the simple task I want it to do, then something from the 90’s would probably do the trick. But whats the Note 4 like ? Awkward? a pain in the neck? will I be throwing it out the window in minutes if I buy it?

Probably one of the best Samsung handsets. I have used one every day since it came out and have a new spare as backup. £60 sounds like a bit of a bargain but if course you will need to assess the condition of the handset.

I --------almost------- bought one. There was just something about the limit of memory card that it could take which put me off. Mind you, that was a long time ago now, and I can’t remember what the limit was etc.

I have a SanDisk 256gb stick in my Note 4 and it works fine.