FXs on X1800 -how do you like them?

Hi Guys,

I am new to the X1800 (and denon). I have always used Pioneer mixers so still going through an adjustment period you could say which brings me to my comment & question.

I am not really digging the FX on the X1800 all that much. The Echo is not clean enough for me, sounds too busy. The reverb is too strong also for my taste. The Flanger is either too weak or when you turn the dial to increase wetness, it gets too strong; just have not found that “sweet spot” I always had with my previous mixers. The Gate is to useless in my opinion.

I love my setup so don’t take this the wrong way, I just want to hear your thoughts and advise on the topic; especially if you have moved from DJMs like me. I think all my concerns are easily able to be addressed with future firmware updates but I don’t know if it’s just my taste, my experience or ears that need to adjust to this.

Looking forward to your comments and feedbacks.

Cheers, Shain

P.S. I know about the parameter option and have played around with it to get the sounds I like out of the FX. My comment is more general with the FX I normally used and like to use.

I agree, I’ve come from djm mixers and I think their effects sounds nicer, especially the flanger!

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I wonder if Denon would consider issuing alternative Firmware, with differing effects ?.

They did a custom firmware for Laidback Luke, and he has all his own effects on the 1800.

I thought they added hall echo for LaidbackLuke, which is included in the official firmware


HaLL Echo and the 3/4 FX Time option were added, for all of us.

I like the fx of X1800, especially the Beat breaker. I miss the spiral and melodic from djm’s. From old x1500 I miss the loop echo - that was a killer great effect.

Yep agree fx need work bigtime

I don’t love them tho I am finding some good ways of using them. The reverb sounds really … generic? cheap? I’m not sure how to say it, but it lacks finesse and weight.

My biggest issue is that the wet/dry mix doesn’t behave as I expect when using the frequency/filter feature on the fx. It seems that if you apply the effect to just the high frequencies, for instance, the fully wet signal lets the lower frequencies through unaltered. Which means that as you try to blend in the fx on top of the high frequencies you’re ALSO boosting the low frequencies. So you get this energetic boost in a part of the spectrum that you don’t want to effect.

Are other people hearing this too? Is this normal effect behavior? I basically have to keep a hand on the channel fader in order to keep the overall energy similar as I blend in effects. Not great.

In my experience, the majority of experienced developers would not because once you start having different versions out there, it becomes a nightmare when you release updates as now you have to test new updates against all the different versions you have out there.

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