FX button stops blinking in a <1 beat loop

Hello co-Denon users!

I would like to ask you to try this on your standalone unit:

  • Create a loop on the leading deck, longer that 1 beat.
  • Apply an effect to it
  • See if the FX button blinks when the effect is active
  • Decrease the loop length to 1 beat (or shorter)
  • See if the FX button still blinks when the effect is active

Mine stops blinking. What does yours do? And what model do you use?

Thanks for testing!

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Hi, its a known issue and its been reported to relevant people.

OK, I did’t know that. Thank you.

i see the same on the prime 4+ 3.1.1 software

It has been resolved in 3.20 !! The FX button blinks fast and keeps blinking in shorter loops. Great !! Unfortunately the Sweep FX buttons still stops blinking when a <1 beat loop is activated on the leading deck…

The FX button blinks fast

This is actually one of the best “hidden improvements” they brought with Engine 3.2. Until now, the flashing cycle was too slow for hectic mixing situations, but now I can see whenever it is active or inactive, even within a very brief glimpse. Edit: I am talking about the Live 4. Seems like they updated the flashing rate on all devices - good.

Thank you, devs! (however, I would highly welcome if you could list improvements like these as well, rather than hiding these into the “various other improvements” bullet point. Please consider that for the future.)

The Sweep FX should always flash when in the off-center position* (unlike the main EFX one which indicates an on/off status). So this seems like a bug indeed.

*) Which is another genius, helpful visual detail which others like Pioneer still lack.

Its a bit fast for me personally as I think it looks like it shouldn’t be flashing, a slower more deliberate timing would be my preference, but its much better than it stopping under certain circumstance like it was.

Another alternative would be a clear differentiation between on (very bright) and off (very dim).

Considering multiple complaints about mediocre visibility between several button LED status feedback, I rather prefer flashing lights. And they should rather flash too fast than too slow, as getting an instant idea of the current status can be critical in many situations. And this doesn’t work if the flashing cycle is as slow as a half or even a full second.

Until now the EFX button flash rate was too slow on the Live units (can’t speak for the Prime units, though!), now I immediately see when stuff is going on. I mix tracks, use effects and operate my lights at the same time, details like these make my life easier.

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Either of those would be fine for indicating the status

Maybe for you, not for me. So don‘t generalize.


I dont mind as long as it’s flashing, and if people want it faster it’s all good with me.

I cant remember now but have they removed the highlighted FX area when its active in the new update? I seem to think they have and I would prefer it back.


Hmm, I just checked it on my Live 4.

If the BPM EFX is inactive, the corresponding GUI section shows white text and grey sliders. Once active, the „FX Selext“ text, beat # and the sliders turn green. Is it that what you mean? I think it was always like that.

Edit: Similar behavior for the Touch EFX, though is not consistent with the BPM EFX: The FX Select text now is always green, and only the Feedback slider changes between grey and green once you touch (or latch) it.

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Yeah thats it, I’ll check when I get mine out in a couple of days… it highlighted the FX part of the screen when the effect was on. Either way, our chances of leaving it on have been drastically reduced which is great.

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Then submit a feature request for “user adjustable flash speeds on buttons”

If lots of other users feel the feature request is needed they may use one of their 10 forum votes on your request. Enough votes and the dev team may look into implementing it.

Why should I post a user request if the updated flashing rate is now perfectly fine and far more usable/visible for me? It was too slow for me before. You may want to read this thread again, my friend.

We‘re getting offtopic anyway. OT was posting about that <1 bar loop bug.

No doubt you’ll be raising a request for something sooner or later lol

No doubt you have good reasons to hide your profile, as it probably covers tons of similar awkward out-of-context postings which make zero sense and provide zero help.



Awww don’t be so hard on yourself.