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I’ve recently purchased a Prime 2 and I love the overall workflow of the unit. The soundcloud streaming integration is an amazing feature!

There’s only 2 things I wish could be improved. As mentioned multiple times before, the FX section needs work done. The echo effect increases audio volume very much, whereas the delay effect turns down audio volume. On top of that I think the hall and reverb effect can be improved to make it sound less ‘dirty’.

Now my second topic is on the filter knobs in the mixer section. I notice that when I rapidly twist these knobs, there’s a noticeable distortion in the audio. I have a feeling there’s some delay in the unit processing the fact that you’ve just turned the filter up or down? The result is a terrible distorted sound before it filters the audio the way it should, only lasting for a fraction of a second but still very loud and noticable. I have a feeling this issue is more pronounced on Deck 1 (left side).

Is anyone experiencing the same issue? Could it be a hardware issue? Or can it be fixed by a firmware update as well?

Happy to hear your thoughts! Thanks

Regards, Mart


Hi Mart, I have exact the same issue as you described in your second topic. I have it with my Prime GO. It’s very annoying and i also want to know if this is a software or hardware issue. I already send a request to DENON a couple of weeks ago with this issue but no respons at all.

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Turn the FX Limiter off.

Have you tried tweaking the FX settings? I had to in order to get the proper balance. What worked was turning FX Limiter off and adjusting Wet/Dry levels. Let me know if that works for you.

It is not the effect that’s the issue. The issue is the sound quality with the channel filters. When tweaking the knobs rapidly there is a distorted popping sound.

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Where do I find the FX settings? It’s not in UTILITY or PREFERENCES tabs…

I have exactly the same problem about knob Sweep Filter!!, it can’t be the hardware…, I think it’s a software default!!

There’s not a limiter for the Fx but an overall limiter for the output. This can help with some FX gaining as noticed since 1.3.2.

There is a filter resonance if I remember. This may help but I’ve experienced this on other units before with the filter resonance is set to an extreme.

Potentiometer HS :disappointed_relieved: