Future "serato flip" on Engine dj

Hello I’m fresh from denon sc4 and I’m looking at a few things, I wanted to ask a question, but is the “Serato flip” feature implemented in engine dj?

Engine Dj is a library software, not a dj perfromance software.

Anyway, Flip functionality is not implemented to Engine powered devices.

yes, however, it does not seem to me that it is a shocking thing so to play you have to have a key / ssd and at which point even if it requires more space (I think not much) there would be no problems to manage it. Do you speak for DenonDj?

i am new here so i don’t know if you are a user like me or are a denon employee, he didn’t want to be offensive

I think Noiseriser is attempting to explain that the flip feature is something powered by the computer software aspect of Serato, and I assume it records/stores some kind of file in the computer memory for the flip pattern. This isnt logically applicable to a standalone unit whereby its computing is all done internally.

Basically if you want all these ‘DJ Controller’ type features, its probably best to stick with the DJ controller, as a dedicated computer is generally far more capable and flexible than the inbuilt computer of a standalone DJ device.

No, I don’t work for Denon. I just said as STU-C explained, that Flip function is exclusively only in Serato. But there can be a feature request, that maybe Denon staff will read and decide to implement. I mentioned the difference between engine dj and full dj programs, as Title of Your post suggested that You want flip in engine dj. As it is not a dj software, it doesn’t deliver any performance features. Anyway, I am not able to speak for Denon in this. I can only advise to look for a similar feature request on the forum and if there is nothing that You want, make a new feature request in a proper place, so it will be clearly visible for devs. (Feature request part of the forum)

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understood now i’m looking for the right dsel forum section, i thought it was this 1000 thanks

Definitely make a feature request. The serato implementation is just recording midi actions to a sequence that can be called up later. It’s a process which doesn’t eat up enough cpu or memory to not be implemented on the player.

We requested in the old feature request thread


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This seems a good idea in deed.