Future feature requests

Might be a good idea to start a single thread so Denon staff can see all our ideas and requests on how we Djs think the Prime 4 should be tweaked.

I for one would love to see the ability to move music between sources.

Being able to play from serato on two channels and drive source on the other two.

I agree being able to play from the laptop & A hard drive or USB stick at the same time will be really nice I know the switch on the front only has two selections USB or line. Serato work in hid Mode I don’t need to see the information from Serato on the screen On the p4 I have my laptop for that. Let use P4 just as a controller. I want to use serato on channel 3 and 4 with dvs. I can at lease play in Internal mode Or with turntables, sc5000 to control Serato. If not serato let us do it with Other DJ software like virtual DJ djay & traktor. And use channels 1&2 for Engine prime

iPad control as well would be good to control Djay app would also allow streaming music services

…but obviously not for use at gigs, because that would be illegal.

So why does DJay give you acces to Spotify ?

Me too, but I also would like an additional option in Engine Prime to prevent/lock a drive from copying between sources on top of that. So the owner of the music is always in control of his content

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If you read the terms and conditions it’s for private “non-performance” use only. Same as Deezer in VirtualDJ

So what’s the point it being there ? Lol

Exactly. There are very few online catalogues licensed for DJ use.

So you can audition stuff, then (obviously) buy it for use at gigs.

Exactly the same for Tidal in Serato DJ. I actually contacted Tidal and asked.

These are consumer services, not for DJs to get free music.

Hi Guys,

Rather than one long chain, please create individual requests for features in the new Feature Request area. A single thread will allow users to vote on that particular feature making it highly visible to our team. Requests are less visible when grouped in a single thread. Thanks for your help!


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