Frequency response really 22hz-22khz

Always assumed these players were able to play 20hz-20khz. Is this a limit of the player or the x1800 mixer or has it since been updated with firmware? Same for the sc6000’s I saw, just curious.

The 22kHz is probably a mathematical calculation: if your DA is 44100Hz (which is CD quality…), then you can reproduce sound half of that frequency, so 22050Hz. 22hz, I don’t know, maybe looks good in the specs, but PA systems drop of below 30Hz anyway (and then you’d have a really good one… Shittier ones don’t even go below 40Hz or even 45Hz…)

This. Recently had this discussion with someone a couple of weeks ago. They said none of the deejays ever play tracks that drop below 27hz on their bass boss subs. I showed him (by routing audio into my Audiofuse and popping up Pro-Q) that even tho the XZ they use is rated 20Hz to 20kHz, the output actually cuts off at 27Hz with a rolloff up to 42Hz. Then played a 25Hz tone from my interface into his rig and it was completely inaudible. The subs didn’t actually kick in until 30Hz.

Every single player I’ve owned has 20hz-20khz as their range so when I saw the specs for these I was started to wonder.

To me it is odd, there’s not even a +- 2 or 3 db by the spec.

If I have a test tone of 20hz playing will these players simply not be able to play the tone?

Yes they’ll play it, with roll off.

In quick terms, and sorry if you know this already, some will, some won’t…. Roll off sort of means “less given out as the thing gets nearer to its limits”

So, headphones, speakers, styluses, amplifiers, fx machines, anything really, might be rated as being able to (re)produce sounds with frequencies of say 25khz but you might have to pump four times as much signal into the device to get get the same level of 24hz sound that you get.

The same at the other end of the scale… a bass cab that says it can reproduce sound down to 15hz… you might have to pump 4000watts @ 4ohms into it, for your ears to perceive the same amount of volume level as a 18hz sound being send to the speaker by only 2000watts @ 4ohms.

Those “popular” yellow coned little home speakers have a terrible bad roll off of top end frequencies, with the roll off starting at 15khz. However they still make noises when sounds up in the 18khz + are played through them


No worries Nitebeatz! I knew a bit about rolloff from my hi-fi days and the quick re-visit/overview helped!

I took the spec as simply, the players wouldn’t play 20hz, but would play 22hz, which to me was just odd and made me wonder and question Denon listed the spec as such. Why not just put 20hz-20khz?