Freeze diplay mcx 8000

hi to all I have a problem with my mcx 8000 the displays remain locked and I can not use it in stand alone I read that many of you have my same summer problem updated to the latest firmware but continues to give me this problem, unfortunately I like it so I have to say that this console making an evening, caused me a big problem, now I am renting a console because mine does not work and given the price I did not expect, I hope you can help me solve the problem thanks

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you must lower the brightness level of the screen (do not put it high or 100%) this will solve the problem and the screens will never be able to work perfectly, the solution to be able to use it with 100% brightness is to send it to warranty service It is a hardware problem not firmware, I hope you solve


I thank you but it is not the solution and how to buy a ferrari but more than 120 km per hour does not go I want my console to work perfectly seen the 1300 euros paid and not that it hangs therefore seen the problem and denon that must solve it

You need to contact service. It’s a known fault and a board needs replaced.

I have already contacted inmusic but they still haven’t answered me

Contact the dealer you bought it from.

However it is absurd that a professional product of a certain cost does not work, I cannot take it to the club to do an evening, it is not possible we are talking about a stand alone and not a controller obliged to use the PC, I do not understand why you dont does not make a call and replaces them, it is not a good advertisement, I wanted to buy denon dj 4 prime but I have many doubts since the assistance does not even answer me., and shameful I expect that they solve the problem as soon as possible since I have do some evenings. The displays remain locked at power up and do not unlock, so this is a factory fault all the time

Hello everyone. @DenonDJ_Support_DE

Does everyone encounter a problem while updating firmware to v 2.1? I followed all the instructions but when I turn MCX8000 on, the screens froze. It froze since. One thing I notice is that you still can use Serato.

DENON MCX8000 Problem.mp4 (3.1 MB)

I’ve been using MCX8000 for almost a year without any problem but everything went south once I tried to upgrade the firmware to v.2.1.

Is there anything we can do to fix it without bring it back to the store where we purchased it? I bought it at DSX store in Jakarta, Indonesia and they closed their Jakarta branch.

Thank you.


You can still use Serato if you have laptop with Serato DJ on it. Here’s how.

  1. Switch Channel 1 & 2 to PC
  2. Connect usb cable to your laptop
  3. Click Serato
  4. Serato ready.

However, you can only see everything on your laptop since the display on MCX is still frozen. I hope you can use this options for your future gig until the problem is resolved.

ok but I bought it to use it without a PC if I wanted a simple controller I didn’t buy this

Yes of course @francy. I’m just saying it since you said you need to use it for gigs without renting any controller. I will have 3 gigs in the next 3 days and since the screens don’t work so I have to use Serato haha. Yep I prefer USB for sure.

I hope good people of Denon can help us on this really soon.

yes it is true I have to do some evenings but I do not like the obligation to take me behind a PC and given the state of the console I also believe that it is unreliable I do not want to make a bad impression that crashes all while people dance is worth my work

here you can find a solution


I have this problem. Have to switch unit off and then back on for it to work. Froze 3 times at last gig. Have back up, but that break in music can clear a floor- especially when it happens 3 times. If this is a known fault Denon should be proactive and sort it out. This is an issue of reliability. If you can’t trust the equipment, you can’t trust the brand. Have informed Denon of the problem. Waiting for a reply. Been waiting 2 days-not happy.

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I spoke to a technician who is an authorized Denon/Numark repair depot. He is saying that seeing that the case is metal that it may need an extra ground. The unit may freeze because of lack of grounding. I am sending my unit in after Christmas to get looked at it’s under warranty for 3 years and I have had the unit for about 40 days now and have experienced lock ups on the left deck in standalone mode as well as with the laptop plug in. ??? Brand new and it needs service. All the latest drivers as well. I lowered the brightness to medium to see if that would work. It still locks up in standalone mode.