Forum limitations question

Hello Kenyon a.k.a. DJ Ready from Chicago, IL. I was just reading thru some of the topics and comments. Some I disagree with and others I agree with. However my question is, Why are users only allowed a limited amount of likes? And why do all comments have to be checked before being released?

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Hi there - the daily likes limit is adjustable and that limit may be changed in due course. “Like” systems on other forums have been misused, with mates of existing members signing up and immediately like-Ing dozens and dozen of posts of the exiting member to elevate that member, for whatever benefits that forum may offer highly liked members.

The approval system, where the first X posts of any new member have to be approved before the posts go public is to ensure anti-social and/or spam posters basically give up once they spot that their tatt doesn’t become visible. So, hopefully none of the members here in our community will have to see posts about pharmaceutical products, naked bits, enlargement wonder treatments etc etc.

Once a new forum member has their first X posts approved, then they can post direct to public.

Okay. That makes sense. Thank you for replying.