For all you denon DJ’s looking for a flight case solution

I may have possibly found a reasonable one. a while back I posted a travel case which consisted of a Pelican 1660 case. Although this case is rock solid it may cost you a small fortune in baggage fees because of its size.

I recently came across a Pelican Air 1637 case. I had no issues checking it in with my luggage on an international flight. When they threw it on the scale it weighed 50lbs and most importantly my gear in the case survived the 14 hour flight. I’ve attached some pictures.


I dig it. I have two 1637’s sitting in the basement too.

The fact that 2 decks and a 4 channel mixer, plus a single, checkable flight case maxes out at 50lbs is what living in the future really is about. Thanks for sharing. That is sincerely impressive. I feel kind of dumb having multiple,really large and heavy, Odyssey flight cases in my gf’s basement. I’ll dream of the Pelican Air (orange) tonight.

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Now I’m second guessing my magma case… THANKS A LOT LMAO

Yup! If you don’t mind hooking and rehooking everything up, this is the way to go vs a coffin! I personally wanna save that time setting up and breaking down for gigs so I’ll be eventually going to a coffin (that magma case you’re second guessing! lol … wanna sell it? :stuck_out_tongue: ) that lets me keep everything hooked up (currently mine just fits the units themselves) but otherwise this would be the way to go for sure to help keep size and weight down!

I wonder if everything would fit with Decksavers on the the players too?

Nah I’m keeping the coffin for grab’n’go quickness and adding external powercon and xlr hookups lol But in case I need more space in my car I would totally go for a pelican case.

The magma case is really neat with the wooden panel that covers the cables and everything fits perfectly flush! It’s super duper daggum heavy though, I need to start working out.

Do you guys think it would be safe/sensible to transport SC5000Ms (around town) on their side like that… or should motorised jogs be kept flat? How robust are motorised jogs (NS7 etc) for travel?

I used the trio of Odyssey Vulcan cases for my Prime rig, but this does look very appealing.

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Orientation shouldn’t matter so long as you have good, soft, cushy foam in the case. The only thing in existence I know has to be kept oriented a certain way are plasma screen tv’s.

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Ive found that the odyssey hard flightcase is ok but the sea flight case with shelf was just a bit better when it came to cable space

Link please? Thx!

I’m still waiting on someone to release an all-black coffin for the Sc5000/X1800 setup.

NVM guys. It exists now. Thank you Odyssey :slight_smile:

Did you end up getting the VULCAN SERIES coffin? I just saw their VUSC5000. I kind of want to sell all my old style Odyssey hard cases, Let us know how the new coffin works out.

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I ordered FZ12CDJWXDBL after confirming with Odyssey that it does come with the padding needed to fit the SC5000’s and X1800.

I chose the Magma, because Swanflight was too expensive to get to my country AND this case, to me, fits the units better (on even level, not higher/standing-tall). However, very heavy to carry…


that looks very dope but the weight must be a pain I dj bars and clubs every friday and saturdays sometimes sundays and i have the RANE setup and thinking about trading it for the PRIME4 just because of the carrying and the weight along with the set up time.

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Well I just cancelled my order on the Odyssey after seeing these photos. What is the model number for this case?

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This one:

They also have a SC5000 only case:

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Have you seen this one

Or this one