Flight Case Purchase

As I wanted to protect my investment, not only from travelling with it but also from kids at home, I purchased a flight case for my MCX8000. After some consideration on models and price, I went with the ProX as I liked the look of it and the construction seemed to be of high quality. My research paid off as this case is very well built. I really love the black honeycomb laminate look and it is very sturdy and rigid. The unit fits in nice and snug and very strong handles and wheels make transport a breeze. There is room underneath for cables, headphones or whatever and also a compartment at the rear to store more items such as the power supply etc. There is also plenty of room for the audio connections to seat properly without stress on the cables if you just want to run them over the case edge and not remove the emblem covering the access hole.

There is a version that has laptop shelf but since I run Engine only at the moment, I opted for the version without and saved some money.

Anyway, do your own research but if you are in the market for a flight case, I can certainly vouch for the quality and construction of this brand to protect your MCX8000.



Thanks for sharing!

I have a case with sliding platform for my old DDJ-SX, but nearly always use it without the slide. The laptop on the slide offers one big advantage, which is room to use your mouse, other than that the main drawbacks imho are:

  1. screen and keyboard to far forward (hard on the back, leaning forward to type on the keyboard
  2. the laptop forms a physical and optical barrier between DJ and audience

So nowadays I have my laptop of too the side on it’s own stand. Easier to see, easier to type, just had to give up on the mouse (I know there are stands with a mouse stand attached, but have a good stand and it’s a minor inconvenience at best). And of course, no more barrier in front of me.

I love the case you bought with the black trim. I have one of those foldable DJ booths (my second) that has all black trim as well (previous was regular flight case aluminum). So these would go well together.

I also really like that it has plenty of space under the controller, which allows for much better cable management, place to stick a usb-hub and external hard-drive if you so desire.

Great points! If I do decide to add a laptop to my set-up,I think working from the side of the decks would seem much more natural to me. Thanks for reading!

That looks very nice :slight_smile: I grabbed a swan flight case when buying the MCX8000 as special price

I purchased a Magma hard case for my unit. Really can’t go wrong with any quality hard case. All of them will put a dent in other objects before taking any damage of their own :joy::joy::joy: