"Flex-Fader" + MIDI Out Details Request

The poor X1800 must be feeling lonely since the SC5000 is hogging all the attention. :sunglasses:

I’m curious to learn more about the “Flex-Fader,” as it hasn’t really been touched on in any of the videos or press releases. Does the “Flex” refer to user adjustable tension or is it something more grand. Any extra details on the crossfader would definitely be appreciated (ex: optical tracking, user replaceable, yada yada).

Another pair of questions: what type of clock/tempo data does the 5-din MIDI Out? Does USB 1/2 send out clock/tempo info when connected to a Class Compliant system?

FWIW, I’m really digging deep for questions to ask since Denon has really covered their basis in terms of features with both the X1800 and SC5000. It’s that O.C.D.-esque attention to detail they’ve demonstrated that caused me to put my NXS2 system up for sale.


The Flex-Fader is not really new, it’s a professional fader which existed in denon mixers since decades. You can change it and change the “tension” of it.

I personally never changed the tension on my DN-X1100 since i am already happy with the super-fast setting it had from the factory.

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I’m not familiar with Denon products having spent the majority of my life on technics, CDJ’s and DJMs, thanks for familiarizing me with the Flex-Fader. Having the option to adjust tension is a nice touch, but I’m like you in that I don’t foresee myself messing with the tension.