Flanger Effect

Anyone has some issues with the flanger effect? it doesn’t sound that good as on mine old rx2…maybe in an update we could get more bars to put flanger in or something? instead of only 8

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8 bars is way too short for Flanger & Phaser effects. We need at least 32 to 64 bars to really get the desired sound from these effects. Look in the feature request section of the forum to +1 & support the request to change the effects from 8 to 32/64 bars.


There’s already several threads for this same observation. One of them is in the request section and can be voted for.

The flanger effect used by Denon DJ is actually what a real flanger should sound like but Pioneer decided to make it a little more unique in their mixers. As Pioneer DJ mixers are in around 90% of the booths we find when out and about it can be mistaken for being the real deal but it’s actually their own interpretation of it.

If I’m honest, I prefer the Pioneer DJ flanger but Denon DJ actually have the realistic sounding one and you’ll also find a similar sounding one in other ‘non-Pioneer DJ’ mixers too.

If you find any other brand other than Pioneer DJ then have a play with the flanger and you’ll find they all sound like the one in the Denon DJ gear.

Wait a mo … wait a mo…

We’ve got instant doubles… set up an instant double, have both layers/players up on the mixer set the pitch range down to its lowest, smallest, tightest range like ±4% and just drop the pitch on one deck by the tiniest amount and listen to the pure flange you get (turn your speakers down a bit first though - it’s a very very pure sound

I’m pretty sure that would be the sound of the phaser, not flanger. Hence the saying playing two songs ‘in phase’

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