First Time DJ starting on Prime 4 - A Thank you to DENON DJ

I wanted to provide my experience as a first time DJ using the Prime 4 to learn how to DJ.

Thanks to all at Denon DJ who had a hand in any way in the creation of the Prime 4 Stand Alone DJ System. My endless gratitude and thanks cannot be stressed enough to those who helped make the Prime 4 a reality! I have been having the time of my life learning how to mix. This is very addicting way to interact and control your music. Within one weeks time I am getting the hang of beat matching (much harder than I though it would be) , swapping bass lines, using the channel faders to mix (prefer it to using the cross fader), using loops to mix in/out etc…you all know this stuff. The Prime 4 has been extremely intuitive to use, and I have NOT used any software. Once Prime 4 Engine analyzes my tracks I’ve been good to go, and have used no laptop nor any software other than what is required to transfer my MP3’s to a SD card. I understand and so see the value of using software for preparing the songs, and as I get more experience doing this I will use song preparation methods to help with my mixing skills. But out of the box, the Prime 4 has worked for me as a first time DJ having never touched a controller in my life before, as advertised. I don’t regret a single penny that was spent buying the Prime 4!

Also wanted to thank the Denon DJ community for being very helpfull with the posts on skills that are required for a sucessull DJ. I have been making recordings and am figuring out to get them uploaded so I can get some feedback. I thought it I would suck so bad that no one would want to put up with my mixing, but the other night my room mates begged me after two hours of mixing to keep going! The next day I had to call in sick because I spent 4 hours mixing and was in no shape to come into work with so little sleep! I made very little mistakes, that they did not picked up on. I blew myself away, and they loved the mix I did for them! This would not have been possible without the valuable information I learned from this community, the valuable info from the free tips and tricks/tutorials on how to starting DJ’ing, and to Denon DJ making the Prime 4! It’s changed my life…I’m hooked!!! Thank you so much, I just love this unit so much, and it’s been a real blessing in my life. I can’t wait to get good enough to get my first gig that I can hopefully play whit on Prime 4 and also help improve someone else’s life with the gift of music!

Much Love to the Denon DJ family!
NMMixer - Mark


What a brilliant post! Nice one mate :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear glad you enjoying the prime 4. We are here to help out if you need us. Don’t hesitate to ask questions just remember there are no stupid questions. You need to know something we got you. :wink:

This is a great post.

Keep practicing and enjoy every bit the Prime 4 has to offer. As you learn more you’ll find new ways to mix and transition using FX, evolving how you DJ.

We’re all here for advise and help along the way and glad you’re enjoying the beast that is the Prime 4. It’s an amazing box of tricks.

Hey there @NMMixer, thanks for posting this awesome feedback! We’re glad to hear that you are enjoying DJing, and on PRIME 4 no doubt! Please ask any questions that you may have as they come along and feel free to share anything you wish!