First impressions prime 4

Yesterday I released my prime 4, outside my house, I was mixing in a pool party and I want to share my experience… in principle, everything as expected, no strange failure. Just to comment, that I didn’t see almost anything on the screen, I had it at maximum brightness, and although it had an umbrella, it was insufficient, the pads, impossible to see the colors, the black central part of the buttons, makes them look very few colors or almost nothing, it would be good to remove the black part from the center of the pad, as Pioneer has, it is a suggestion for future models, since for this one, I think it will not be possible to solve it, but the truth is that a lot of lighting is missing in general to work during the day, even in the shade, but the behavior of the machine was impeccable otherwise. Cheers

Your prime has problem… or your eyes, because the p4 screen is very bright, I always gig in low brightness ( even outside)

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I DJ’ed on the sun a few weeks ago and the brightness was just fine. You’re crazy. lol

I kid. An outdoor mode would be wonderfully welcomed. Just an Invert option. Something. I agree outdoors it can be challenging sometimes.

And congrats on your new machine. It’s a good one! Have fun!

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it is possible that there was a lot of sunlight… it was 6pm in a pool and it was difficult for me to see the screen at maximum brightness, the colors of the Hotcues were almost impossible to differentiate, at home they look perfect, even at minimum, so it is possible that it was too much sunlight more than a problem with my prime 4, even so a day mode (white background) would be good to see more clearly in these conditions @denon… the Hotcue thing, I don’t think the black part can be delete nor with the use of 100 million keystrokes, so I will try it another day to see if with another improved orientation. It is true that the transparent protector has not yet been removed, but I suppose that being transparent, it will not improve much even if it does and I prefer to have the screen a little more protected, the truth…thanks (Picture in my House) It,s ok Sorry… The translator;)

I think there’s already a new feature request made, which you can add one of your 10 votes to, for a daylight screen mode (where all the colours are inverse (black becomes white, white becomes black) etc.

But ultimately, screen brightness or clarity isn’t the only thing that strong sunlight can give people issues with, when using equipment outside in hot weather. For example, no point in having a screen which you can read easily, if the whole machine has shut down due to overall internal temperature caused by direct sunlight. Consider some sort of shade protection for your gear, and you.

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after working a couple more sessions, I will continue commenting on my first impressions. It is true that the buttons have a lot of illumination and can be a bit annoying at times. Moving between searches and playlists should be a bit more comfortable.
It would also help, as rekordbox does, to recommend the following tracks based on the BPM and the key, for example if a song is playing at 120bpm and key 10A, all the ones that are in that range or their compatible ones (as selected) appear in a different color and it is faster to locate them. but in general everything is fine, without faults, it is clear that Denon has much better hardware than Pioneer in terms of options, perhaps the softness of the buttons is better to the touch in Pioneer, but it is a matter of getting used to it… another thing is the software, there rekordbox is quite superior, although they will surely improve it … taking advantage now that many djs like me have switched to Denon due to the lack of Pioneer stock. The effects are also something that do not work correctly in quantization mode, but overall it’s a great machine my prime 4

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