First Impression and a few questions

Ive had the X1800 for about 6 days

I think I made the right choice in returning the 72 for the X1800. I think it’s only when you combine the 5000 and the X1800 that one can really appreciate this laptopless prime experience. I had so much fun testing it at home yesterday.

That flex fader is good, just a bit noisy when cutting but it cuts real good. I found the cut in adjustment settings a bit strange -2 increased my cut in time (more space) and +2 made it tighter. I thought it should be the other way. -2mm, -1mm, 0mm, +1mm , +2mm

Can someone change the timing of the colour FX most especially “wash out”. I love wash out, I can see myself over using it as an open format DJ. It’s an alternative to echo out which is another one of my over used FX on the Rane 62 and Serato DJ Pro Internal FX

So far so good.

Good job Denon.

PS get some djs to show case these decks playing other genres.

Enough of the festival style, dnb, techno sets.

Consider a collaboration with a pool like DJCity or BPMSupreme or Clubkillers. They have great roster of open format DJs, who can really show what the primes can do to a normal club/bar/mobile DJ.


That is a nice idea. Maybe if more than you and I want that fx then maybe a timing setting could be add in a future firmwares

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Another option if they can include the Wash FX as part of the regular FX list, then one can have better control of the parameters e.g. beats number, frequency to wash out etc.

That will be cool.

Instant FX, FX amount all the way to WET One touch button trigger and that’s echo out