Firmware versions and updates DN MC6000Mk1

I have two DN MC6000Mk1. How can I check which firmware version is on each? Where is the firmware update section or download area? The website seems to have changed and I can’t seem to locate it. Thanks in advance

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We are currently working on this page as we speak. sorry for the inconvenience

Great, thanks for the update.


The latest FW version for the original MC6000 is v1.012. Because the legacy product pages are not up yet, please contact your nearest support team and they should be able to get this for you if you need it:

This is a great idea, which I tried to do, however my unit doesnt appear on the dropdown menu.

Guys. my 6000 mk1 started acting weird. It slows down and stops the track \\9with clicking) after some hour of playing. When i restart Traktor, it is back again, but then again it stops. I tried everything and only thing left is re-flashing it with firmware and reinstalling the drivers, but i cannot find a link on support site for legacy products (Download option does not work!) I am having gig tommorrow and it is dissapointing to loosesupport from manufacturer. Please, is there any other place where i can find bundle of software for 6000 ? Or anyone that can upload and post a link ? PANIC !

How long should a firmware update take?

I kicked off an update about 40 minutes ago and it still hasn’t progressed beyond “Update Data 0-49%” (i.e. cue 1 and cue 2 lights illuminated on the controller).

On the attached PC, the Java update tool is displaying:

Send Sysex Message Data to Control…

Send Sysex Message Count: 1



And is using 40+% of the processor time, but that is the only indication that anything is happening.

Is this normal? How long should I leave it?

Problem solved… Having waited nearly 2 hours I gave up and decided that if the controller is bricked, I’m stuffed anyway, so nothing to lose by stopping and restarting the update. The update completed successfully in about 30 seconds when I restarted it…