Firmware update

I have some sound issues after working 4 hours with the controllers. I read in the forum that it is recommended to update the firmware but when I click to download the firmware nothing happens ! can you please help thks

If it start off fine then sounds bad, it’s the laptop warming up and slowing down its processor to try and cool itself.

To compensate, increase the latency setting in the DJ software to about 4 times whatever it’s set to now. So if the DJ software sound latency is set to 10ms now, set it to 40ms. Restart the laptop, see how it goes.

thanks. let me explain : i use same laptop for 3 years+, and this problem happened only in the two last months. Yesterday, it happens after 4 hours of use, tonight after one hour and again after 20minutes the sound gets saturated suddenly, and if i disconnect the controller and re-connect the sound is ok again… please tell me also how to increase latency, actually latency is 5ms, when i open the settings/audio/launch driver panel a small window open and then i can increase the “preferred buffer size” Actually the value is 256 and the latency 5ms, if i increase to 512 then the latency is 10ms so please tell me which value you suggest to set in the “preferred buffer size” (please note that the latency scale is up to 20ms) thank you very much in advance for your help

Keep going in that same direction.

Also, when you mention that you’ve had the same laptop for x years, and the problems only just started , it’s a good idea to think “what has changed?”

The 7000 hasn’t, it’s been on the same firmware for years? The laptop, as in make and model hasn’t changed. However the operating system on the laptop has probably had dozens of updates, not all of which may have been DJ friendly. Also, the laptop fans and air vents may not be as fast and clean as they used to be, and may be letting the processor get hotter, at which point the laptop will slow down to cool down, and that will mean the laptop needs more “breathing space” (latency) to process sound.

The other consideration is that as well as the operating systems updates, your DJ software might do more now than it used to, which could cause the laptop processor to heat up quicker, causing issues as mentioned above.

Thanks How much the latency must be increased ? in the preferred buffer size i can increase the value to 1000+ but the latency stays 20ms max, it is not easy to understand how it works…can you please help ? Firmware is same than original, not updated yet, do you recommend to update to v1.2 ? if yes can you please help me i cannot download it… I really need to solve the sound distorsion problem, it became too reccurrent thank you for your precious help

Hola yo tengo un problema para actualización de firmware parece q mac.os catalina no es compatible con el programa de actualización no se que conocimiento tienen de eso