Firmware update thoughts

I assume it’s to let you know where the loops are at as you approach or pass them. The bigger issue I’ve had with loops is the difficulty in setting when paused, say, a loop in the beginning of the track. I have to be very quick starting the track and hitting that knob, because if I remember correctly, hitting my hot cue set at the beginning seemed to exit the loop. It also seems like there should be some way of moving the loop forward and back quickly… does shift+loop knob rotation cause that?

And I appreciate your “assumptions” on the basis of someone that can’t quite verbalise what they want and you have interpreted, but that isn’t what was said by the OP, or what I spoke about. You jumped in and turned it into something it wasn’t by acting like a p***. Do everyone a favour, stay out of s*** that has no relevance to you.

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Would you be willing to do a spectrum analysis on white noise played through an updated SC5000? I want to see what what that looks like. Even if you could just record the white noise into a wav or flac I could do the analysis.

I asked for the ability to set main cue when in play state when your hand is on the platter months ago.

That isn’t what he asked for…

Popcorn in hand here. Getting real. Dont yall have gigs tonight…


Finally got around to updating the firmware and Engine Prime. First off, Thanks Denon staff for the updates. Everything that was added is great, although I haven’t delved into the new pitch syncing yet. I’ll reiterate what others have said and hope that the BPM issues and grid adjustments get updated in the next go around. All in all a very worthy update. Let’s just not take 330+ days for the next one, please. Smaller more frequent patch fixes with the occasional bigger “dream requests” update would be ideal. IMHO


I don’t, but I’m only a bedroom DJ. Now Retuculi being a main room DJ won’t be replying before at least Monday morning.

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Yes, you are right! Hitting the hot cue exits the loop… Not yet clear why… This is something that I would like to be fixed/modified (at least)… Anyway, coming from a different environment (i.e. Pioneer for me) makes these behaviours/features not easy to understand.

Need to make new and clearer ones, but you’ll get the idea. Still could be improved but it’s getting there.




That’s exactly what I did today, you beat me to posting it :rofl: They’re down 2.5dB at 20kHz. So it’s a big improvement! Still some room, but considering the very good quality of the pitch algorithm, I can live with that easily,

Overall the white noise acts on the spectrum as white noise. That’s also audible.

Pink tone might be a better source as it’s tone at the ISO centers in 1/3 octave across the spectrum and more stable than pink or white noise.

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Thank you SO much! I really appreciate this a lot. I’ve been back and forth on buying two SC5000s since the update and wanted to know what kind of improvement we were talking about with the rolloff. IMO it’s quite a significant improvement. Yeah it’s not perfect but it looks pretty acceptable to me.Thank you again!


I’m really happy with the sound of the SC5000 now. Not studio grade, but very good for the creative tools they are. What I also dig is the new pitch adjust feature. Now I can tune base drums :star_struck:

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You guys wanna see more measurements or are you satiated?

More data never hurt anyone but I’m quite satisfied :smiley:

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I meant satisfied regarding the amount of measurements not specifically the roll-off thing, by the way.

i think you need to man up a bit mate and stop trying your best to be offended, this is a forum for debate where men talk about dj gear not their feelings…