Firmware update problem

Hello After instalation of firmware 2.5, my MCX8000 get freezed on every time when i started play (not single deck but whole controler, even lights on equalizer) When i moved jogs / faders its works but the screens and whole plate had lagged. Im Playing with serato and my computer works normally (Windows 10). I’ve read somewhere on this forum that this could be false of firmware update and i should downgrade it to first firmware version (1.1) So i did it but when instalation have ended, right deck working normaly but right one have information about display assets is missing start firmware update. I can start update only for the right deck. And left one status do not change. How to solve those problems? I have tried to change USB sticks (3x) and nothing. Thanks for help

Its not helps :frowning: I tried install all firmware versions one-by one I, all of them stops on control MCU - missing (I can start update only from right deck) on Left deck still is sign about assets missing :frowning:

Mcx8000 is very specific about usb sticks. Try using a old 2.0 one that must be fat32 and MBR formated.

I tried also with USB sticks 2.0 / 3.0 64/32/16/8GB Always formated and update files on root level Idk what happend, is there some possibility to make Factory/ Hard Reset (return to fabric settings)? And then I’ll update one-by-one ?

How fast the support is? How long time they need to give me some informations? becouse idk what should I expect :slight_smile:

I tried to contact to support in Germany/ UK but without a result :frowning:

Hi @Mok899 / @El_Corsario

Sorry to hear of the trouble! Appreciate the loop in @kradcliffe :raised_hands:

With the firmware update file on the root a USB key, try powering on the MCX8000 while holding down SHIFT + KEY LOCK on the left deck. That should force the device into firmware update mode and send the update through. Let us know how you make out.

Its just turn whole lights into red and nothing moore :frowning:

I have the exact same problem . Tried updating the firmware it worked for a few hours and suddenly display mcu and display assets missing . it wont go into firmware update and when it does nothing happens for hours. few bars complete themselves and then seem to get stuck in a glitch. its gotta be a board hardware issue… i have to work on saturday night deejaying and this is disaster ! please help

So for all guys who have the same problem: Denon support send me an information that I should contact the nearest denon Service center (in PL its Lauda Audio) and they should figure out whats happend :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know when I will get an informations back whats wrong with mcx :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same problem without any issue at all. Could you please tell me what to do before sending it to repair. Many tks