Firmware Update on MC 4000

How do I update firmware on my MC 4000? What is the current firmware?

The latest firmware is ‘.0017’, It’s from September of 2015, so if you have purchased the controller within the last year or so, you likely already have it.

Here’s a quick link to the download and additional information:

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Thanks for posting.

What is your reasoning for wanting to perform a firmware update? Unless prompted by us directly, we don’t recommend performing a firmware update. To echo @Dcomo’s response, if you’d purchased your controller after September of 2015, you will already have the latest version of the firmware already installed.

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Hello everyone! First of all, sorry for my English. I’m really embarrassed about this, but I need some basic help. I can’t put the mc4000 into firmware update mode. I saw in a tutorial that you have to press the “BACK” and “LOAD PREP” buttons for 5 seconds… I do it but nothing happens. I open Denon Firmware Dj Updater > I select the .bin file and it doesn’t load. Everything is connected correctly but it is impossible to move forward. Thanks in advance for your help!

Make sure you are holding down the back and Load prep buttons when you power the unit up, not after it is powered up. The sampler pads will blink when it is in update mode. I hope this helps

Hello, Brad!

Thank you so much, that’s exactly what happened. Now it’s working very well.

Let me know if you get married or anything…

Thank you very much. You make my day!

Glad it worked out. I know you said in your first post that your english was not too good so to forgive you. I’ve been married for 19 years but I am pretty sure that is not what you were asking, lol. Have a good one!

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hahah I tried to tell you something like “if you’re getting married I can play music at your wedding”… bad joke. But thank you very much anyway!

Haha!!! Greatness!

Why isn’t a firmware update recommended ?

As there isnt any real benefit in blowing the same firmware into a unit.

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