Firmware 1.7 for x1850 safe?

hello, Is the new firmware 1.7 safe to install in my x1850 mixer? can v1.7 handle all the different components used in the x1850 mixers I have experience that firmware 1.6 crashed my x1850 mixer. Or is it safer to wait? gr

My mixer is hardware 1.3 and the update worked without any issues.

I haven’t experienced any issues yet other than the attempts that may be required to update.

Same for me. I needed multiple attempts to transfer the data, but at the end my X1850 (hardware 1.3) was updated to 1.7.

Running smoothly for me :blush:

I read online (so, take that with a mountain of salt, pure rumour) that 1.7 firmware is just v1.6 adapted for all X1850 hardware revisions to avoid issues. Kinda makes sense for me, explains why the 1.7 firmware was uploaded without any announcement or change log.

I think that also!

I don’t think you’re entirely off on that assumption :blush:

Pro support hint: Even when its like that put a changelog on which says exactly that to avoid questions about a missing changelog :wink:

Updated from 1.6 (HW: 1.4), everything works. But I noticed one of the changes, now the screens do not turn off after a while if the mixer is not used.

All settings reset with mixer firmwares, so you need to set them to your needs.

I can’t find this setting, only the brightness can be changed in the display options.

I think you’re right on this. I’ll check.

update to 1.7 went well in 1 time.

1.7 update unrolls the groundbreaking feature to influence the subconscious mind of anyone hearing the music you are play. People which are enjoying the music you are playing will feel like never seen bevore. There is nothing we should know about. It just works. :slight_smile:

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The update itself went well, too (1.5->1.7 with Hardware 1.3). However, I noticed audio issues afterwards that I did not have before: during 2 sets of about 2 and 3 hours there was a single loud pop like static unloading on a vinyl. Both times the pop occured while I was beatmatching. Furthermore, multiple Beat FX leds went on simultaneously (i.e. seemingly there was a correlation with the pop), although the FX were off and stayed off. Before, I have seen the latter bug at 96 kHz sample rate, only. All devices are connected via digital audio cables, Mixer sample rate was at 48 kHz.