Finished Recording... Levels? .wav to .mp3?

So, I am completely unfamiliar with how to do these things so please don’t crucify me, just got into mixing this year, the prime 4 being my first controller ever. After finishing a recording session, the .wav file sounds really quiet. As the only software I’ve ever used is Audacity, I loaded the .wav in there and exported it to .mp3 at 128kbps (not sure how to change that), and threw the gain +6db, just so I could fit it onto a CD for my friends. What is the best way to get a high quality mp3 out of my sessions? Any advice would be awesome!

Thank you.

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This has been raised already bud :ok_hand:

Use audacity, normalise the wav…

Not sure off the top of my head, but highlight the entire waveform, and locate normalise in the options.

Thats what I do and it serves its purpose.

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Increase the record level with the master.

Or amplify in audacity but only a little bit at a time. Dont try and amplify it to max volume in one shot

When recording internal to the USB or hard drive , the master volume dial has no effect.
But if recording directly into audacity via lap top through the RCA outs then yes the master can be used to boost the volume of the initial recording.

So far I have found the recording quality is still better going directly into Audacity than within the player itself. Shame really. The recording options still aren’t up to scratch in the P4 itself. Hopefully see a fix in the next firmware!

The master volume doesnt seem to affect the level of the recorded file.

Kitomoto, welcome to the forum. There is a huge post on Low recording level on the Prime 4 already with an open request as well.

The overall answer now is make sure the Channel gain LED’s are showing in the one or two white LED’s at all times. Use the Gain knob on each channel to ensure it is this level and it will record at a decent level.

The Master or any other setting will NOT affect your recording, only the channel gains being in the first or second White status while playing.

Here is the link to the Request. Like the request to push your support and let Denon know it is needed in the next firmware updates.

Recording Level LOW