Filter extreme type

In user mode it is said “Filter Extreme Type: This setting determines the effect of the Sweep Filters at the extreme low and high ends. Select Kill for the filter extremes to end in silence, or select Bleed to allow the extreme end of the filter to play.” Whether I toggle kill or bleed, it doesn’t change anything, the result is exactly the same (kill effect) Is this a bug ?

Then you found a bug. But please do first a reset of your setting. Under About/Update. I checked the kill/bleed and on my prime 4 it changes how the filter works.

kill … absolute silence bleed … high or low band will stay in resonance.

What do you mean by doing a reset of my settings ? Under about update, I can’t see any reset option. My setting is on bleed and I haven’t any resonance

when you scroll down in the about/update (only version 2.0 and above) … there you see all the versions of firmware of the pcb´s. and the penultimate … is Reset to default.

There you clear settings form previous firmware.

if you have no resonance in bleed. you have to set the filter resonance to high.

if it is set to no resonance (0) then the filter behaves a bit like in kill mode.

(a little bit is still bleeding - but then you need very good ears.)

so that could be the case, that you don´t feel a difference between kill and bleed mode. you need to set resonance, too …

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ha ok got it. I’m gonna try. Thank you !

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No in fact, even with reset of settings it doesn’t change anything. Kill is same as bleed, and resonance parameter doest not have any effect.

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Do you use the prime in standalone mode or with a dj software as controller ? In controller mode, sure - there is no effect. Because this behaviour you change in the dj software. But when in standalone mode there should be a hearable effect, or something is wrong on your prime.

I use it in standalone

It depends on the frequencies present in the track when you turn the potentiometer all the way left or right. When you set “bleed” it means that some of the low frequencies (counterclockwise rotation) or high frequencies (clockwise rotation) will be allowed to pass. However, if those frequencies are not present in the audio signal or you are listening to the sounds with headphones that cannot reproduce those frequencies, it means that you will not hear them. This means you won’t hear a difference between setting KILL or BLEED.

I am writing this because it also happened to me that I did not notice a difference and then I understood why.

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